Animations explain some aspects of research on inequalities

CEM - Center for Metropolitan Studies and Ciência USP report on the Brazilian inequality in the last fifty years, through animations that were produced from the conclusions of researches and analyzes of the census from 1960 to 2010 that resulted in the book "Paths of Inequalities: How Brazil has changed in the last 50 years", edited by Marta Arretche.

The following videos are available on YouTube:

1960-2010: Territorial inequality in the supply of light, water, sewage (22/12/2016)

This animation shows how the supply of water, light, sewage and garbage collection has changed between 1960 and 2010 in Brazil. The video portrays the territorial aspect of inequality: in general, service provision grows first in the richest regions and then reaches the poorest areas of the country.

All videos were produced by DnA Design & Animation.

1960 - 2010: Inequalities of Women (12/21/2016)

This animation shows how the lives of Brazilian women changed during the 1960-2010 period, according to the census data.

Labor Market - Inequality (12/21/2016)

The video focuses on the relationship between the characteristics of the labor market since 1960 and public education in Brazil during the period 1960-2010.

1960 - 2010: Increasing electorate (12/22/2016)

In this video, the spectacular growth of the electorate in Brazil in the last 65 years is portrayed. The video shows how electoral legislation has changed over the decades and how the system has become more democratic.

All were produced by DnA Design & Animation.