Aiming at better analyzing social inequalities and contributing to deal with the problems involved, CEM articulates theories, knowledge, and research strategies in various disciplines, approaching the urban and metropolitan question from different perspectives. For that matter, it brings together researchers from different academic backgrounds such as Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Geography, Urbanism, Economics, and History.

The center’s analysis are fed by quantitative and qualitative data produced by means of surveys, interviews, ethnographic research, and gathering of different documentary sources. They make also use of qualified information of other academic centers or benchmark institutions within the field. For being at the forefront of new conceptual and methodological approaches, CEM stands out as a reference center in and for the documentation and consolidation of information and analyses concerning national and foreign metropolises.

In connection with its research activities, the Center develops the production of documentaries through the CEM Audiovisual. This is an innovative laboratory in which a language research attempts to establish an original dialogue with the studies carried out at the Center and the burning questions of urban reality in contemporary Brazil, offering new angles of perception and knowledge.