The online magazine DiverCidade (DiverCity, in a approximate version) was a quarterly publication that brought features based on CMS' activities in Research, Transference and Diffusion. Using easy to understand language, this initiative contributed to making the public aware of CMS' activities.

DiverCidade was designed to be an interface and communication channel between users, the scientific community, the press, the government agencies responsible for public policies, schools and any other areas of society that may find the content useful. The online magazine complemented the documentaries and the series of reports aired on TV Cultura.

The DiverCity project started in January 2002, with the project entitled Conception and Development of an Online Magazine for the Centre for Metropolitan Studies. This work was supported by Fapesp, through a José Reis Scientific Journalism PhD grant to Rosana Soares. The publication got to its definitive format in fits and starts. It included videos, reports, articles and reviews, and made full use of the resources provided by the Internet.

Click here to access the online magazine DiverCidade (content in Portuguese only).