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Cebrap brings a special dossier with CEM researchers articles and guests

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The governance in a large metropolis research group, coordinated by Eduardo Marques at CEM, organized a workshop with the participation of Luciana Royer (FAU-USP), Lucia Shimbo (IAU-USP) and João Sette Whitaker (FAU-USP). This workshop sought to reflect collectively, through empirical studies, on the urban capitals category and to understand their particularities and relations with Brazilian cities. Several CEM researchers were also part of the meeting: Marcos Campos, Betina Saruê, Samuel Ralize and Magaly Marques (post-doctoral fellow at CEM/FAPESP). The results of this workshop were included in the Special Dossier of Novos Estudos CEBRAP, Issue 105, July 2016.

The meeting was held under the research project coordinated by Professor Eduardo Marques: Governance in large metropolis: Paris, London, Ciudad de México and São Paulo in Comparative Perspective. Research group website:

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