scientific diffusion Seminars and Agenda Release of Path of Inequalities (Trajetórias das desigualdades, como o Brasil mudou nos últimos 50 anos

Release of Path of Inequalities (Trajetórias das desigualdades, como o Brasil mudou nos últimos 50 anos

02/06/2015 9:00

Trajetórias das desigualdades, como Brasil Mudou nos últimos 50 anos, Marta Arretche (org.)


9 am: Opening

Marta Arreche - Director of CEM
Álvaro de Vita - Head of Political Science Department

9:15 am: Table 1 - Political Participation
Coordinator: Gabriel Feltran
Speakers: Political participation in Brazil, Fernando Limongi
                 Councils, associations and inequality, Adrian Gurza Lavalle
Discussant: Rogerio Arantes

10 am: Table 2 - Education and Income
Coordinator: Adrian Gurza Lavalle
Speakers: Educational stratification among young people in Brazil: 1960-2010, Carlso Costa Ribeiro
                  Education and inequalities in Brazil, Naercio Menezes Filho
                  Educational stratification among young people in Brazil: 1960 horizontal 2010 Estratificação of higher education in Brazil (1960-2010), Rogerio Schlegel
                  Racial inequalities in Brazil: A persistent challenge, Marcia Lima
Discussant: Maria Ligia Barbosa 

2 pm: Table 3 - Public Policies
Coordinator: Charles Kirschbaum
Speakers: Bringing the concept of citizenship back, on the subject of territorial inequalities, Marta Arretche
                 Housing and urban conditions in Brazil, Eduardo Marques
Discussant: Luciana Royer

3 pm: Table 4 - Demography
Coordinator: Murillo M. Alves de Brito 
Speakers: Internal migration in Brazil over the past 50 years (dis)continuities and ruptures, José Marcos Pinto da Cunha
                 Fifty years of gender and generational relations in Brazil: changes and continuities, Maria Coleta Oliveira
                 Religious transition in Brazil, Ronaldo de Almeida
Discussant: Suzana Cavenaghi

 4:30 pm: Table 5 - Labor Market
Coordinator: Eduardo Marques
Speakers: Economic Inequality and Development in Brazil: 1960-2010, Alvaro A. Comin
                 Market and mercantilization at work in Brazil (1960-2010), Murillo M. Alves de Brito, replacing Professor Nadya Araujo Guimarães
Discussant: Adalberto Cardoso

5:30 pm - Closing Ceremony
Coordinator: Serfio Adorno
Speaker: Marta Arretche
Discussants: Elza Berquó, Marcelo Medeiros, Nelson do Valle e Silva

Fotos do evento:


The book, organized by professor of the Political Science Department at USP and director of CEM/CEPID, Marta Arretche, “Path of Inequalities,” focuses on how Brazil has changed in the last 50 years. The book was launched with a seminar at USP, with presentation of the authors of the chapters. The opening ceremony was attended by the scientific director of FAPESP, Professor Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz.


Watch the recording of the seminar (recording by UNIVESP TV) (click here to watch the seminar)

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