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Social Networks Workshop


Researchers discuss chapters that will comprise a book, resulting from investigations conducted mostly at the CEM/CMS.

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A time of researchers discussed chapters that will comprise a book, resulting from investigations conducted mostly at the CEM/CMS.

A collective publication in progress, coordinated by researcher Eduardo Marques, constituted the focus of the workshop held at CEM. The researchers participated in the various branches of the project and discussed the works that will be part of a book, which will address the results of research on social networks. The collective discussions of preliminary versions of chapters also aimed increase the level of convergence among the various studies.

This research has been performed by the Center for Metropolitan Studies, or under its influence, and in them were used social network analysis to investigate social life, participation and public policy.

Discussions were held in sessions, as follows:


Session 1

a. Networks in São Paulo and Salvador (quantity) – Eduardo Marques, Graziela Castelo and Maria Encarnación Moya.

b. Networks in São Paulo and Salvador (quality) - Maria Encarnación Moya, Eduardo Marques

c. Rap networks at São Paulo’s periphery - Charles Kirschbaum and Ana Carolina Andrada


Session 2

a. Networks of public security policies - Thais Pavez, Demétrio Gaspari Cirne de Toledo and Renata da Rocha Gonçalves

b. Networks of popular associations in São Paulo and Mexico City - Adrián Gurza Lavalle and Natália Bueno

c. Networks and civil organizations in public safety policies in São Paulo - Ana Paula Galdeano


Session 3

a. Housing policies and personal networks in a slum in São Paulo - Rafael Barros Soares

b. Social networks, styles and practices of the Community Health Agents - Gabriela Spanghero Lotta.


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